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Fashion Tips

Tummy Tamers and Waist Minimizers

Wear swimwear that has tummy control, swimsuits that offer full coverage such as one piece and tankinis. Surplice swimsuits and princess line Swimsuits offer a very slimming look as well as swimsuits with a diagonal insert, swimsuits with prints and color blocks.

Short Torso

Both Bikinis and One Piece Swimsuits may be worn. High cut legs lengthen the look of the leg, therefore, making you look taller. Low cut, v neck swimsuits lengthen center up drawing the eye upwards again making you look taller and lengthening the torso.

Long Torso

Tankinis shorten a long torso as well as a dynamite bandeau. Try wearing a horizontal print?you can get away with it!

Bust Maximizer

Many suits, both bikinis and one piece now offer add a cup, molded cups and/or underwire. Demi cups look great and will make you look larger. If you have less than perky breasts which most of have after we have our children any of these will work wonders. Stay away from suits that offer no construction. If no padding or insufficient padding is offered try purchasing push up pads. Many suits have a small opening at the bust that the pad can simply be slid into. For added confidence - see your tailor?he can sew the pads in.

Bust Support

Swimsuits with underwire, molded cups, some shelf bras and banded halters offer the most support. Although it is recommend not purchasing bandeaus, my clients swear by Gottex Bandeaus. Because the fabrics actually wraps all the way around your body the bandeau swimsuit seems to do a good job holding everything in place. They also come with detachable straps for swimming. Adjustable straps also offer additional support because you tighten the straps for additional lift.

Post Mastectomy

Look for a higher neckline and higher underarms if required. Gottex offers a great post mastectomy swimsuit that has a high neckline, higher underarms and a pocket that will hold the breast form in place.