Accentuate Your Beauty With The Right Swimsuit

Swimsuit shopping is usually a challenging task for women of all shapes and sizes. Unless you’re a swimsuit model, the chances are that you will have a hard time choosing the perfect swimsuit for your constitution. The unrealistic beauty standards set by both the beauty industry and mass media have taken their toll on millions of women worldwide, who feel they have to look perfect 24/7 and that their bodies are not beautiful enough. Obviously, that has to change.

We here at South Beach Swimsuits are dedicated to celebrating beauty in all body shapes, which is why we believe it’s high time we abandoned the outdated body categories that claim we are all pear-shaped, hourglass-shaped, or apple-shaped.

Instead, let's concentrate on specific body parts that are either your biggest strength or weakness. Whether you want to accentuate or conceal a certain part of your body, we have the perfect swimsuit for you.


If you are well-endowed in the chest, you already know that your boobs need all the support they can get. Your Ideal swimsuit should either have underwire or molded cups so that everything would stay in place while you’re swimming or otherwise enjoying yourself on the beach. You should also look for thick straps that can be adjusted and avoid tops that feature ruffles or any other type of ornamentation unless you want your chest to be the center of attention.   Shown below is the Gottex Blush High Neck Mesh Bikini, available up to an F Cup.


If you want your top to look bigger than it is are,  you should go for tops that have ruffles, embellishments, bold prints, underwire, or padding. These, as well as triangle-shaped bikini tops, will enhance your cleavage, creating the illusion that your breasts are larger.  Shown below is the Becca Metropolis, which offers both underwire and padding.   


If your tummy is your weak spot, the best way to conceal it is to choose one-piece suits that will redirect attention from your middle section to your chest. High-waisted bikinis are also perfect for tummy control, and so are the modern tankini top paired with a high-waisted bottom.   Below is the Gottex LimeLight Surplice in Black, which is a new cut for Gottex.   The new style number 178 offers a higher cut leg and back and is longer in the torso.   This suit also provides Tummy Control.   The design pulls your eyes away from the tummy offering a sexy, sleek look.



To cover your behind and feel comfortable at the beach, you should choose bottoms that aren’t too revealing. This means bottoms with full coverage, as well as tops with bold prints that will highlight your upper body.  Shown below is the Profile Cocoon Halter Swim dress.   The swim dress offers incredible bottom coverage.




Women with small behinds should opt for bottoms that create the illusion of a bigger booty, such as those that reveal a bit of cheek and feature bright colors and bold prints.  Below one of our favorite designers, Red Carter, Pop Culture Triangle Bikini.


If you want to look curvier than you are, you’re in luck as you get to choose from a number of swimsuit styles, including bold prints, embellishments, bright colors, tie-side bikini bottoms, padded tops, and monokinis.  The Vitamin A Riviera features cut-out sides and stripes which give the illusion of an extremely curvy figure.



If you want to look taller, your ideal swimsuit is the one that shows a lot of skin, especially in the lower departments. For the ultimate effect, you should opt for bottoms with minimum coverage, thongs included.  Shown here is the Beach Bunny Rib Tide Racerback Bikini.  Gives the appearance that theses legs just keep on going.   Or maybe they do



Women who are too self-conscious about their thighs should go with maximum coverage bottoms. If you want to conceal your thighs and look stylish at the same time, bottoms with skirts are your best bet.  Check out the Gottex Enchantment Magenta Classic Bandeau Swimdress.


Though pregnant ladies look great in all types of swimwear, they get to shine the brightest if they choose tankinis, which are not only fashionable but protect your growing tummy and are super comfortable. Tankinis are a super choice for women who recently gave birth as they allow you to conceal your stomach and not worry about a thing while you’re having fun at the beach with your baby.  Plus it makes going to the bathroom a snap.   This is the Profile Flyaway.   One of our most famous suits.   Believe it or not, this is not a maternity suit.   But a darling outfit offering a mesh front that gracefully covers the belly.   The bottoms are available in a wide variety of coverage options.