Fall is in the air!  Autumn is the best time of the year for fashion.  All of the gorgeous Jewel-toned colors and deep hues that we saw during fashion week have trickled into the designer swimwear world.  From dark Bayleaf green to eggplant,  or the hottest color of the season, feminine Rose Pink, not only do these hues sound delicious, but they look fabulous on these trending silhouettes.  

Becca has got these nature-inspired colors down to a tee.  Shown below is a peek at the collection in the Bayleaf color.  This deep Green compliments most skin tones and looks so great in these signature Becca styles. 


Shop the Becca Siren Collection

Becca also has this collection in the Raisin, a deep Purple that will look fabulous on a lighter skin tone.  Perfect for vacationers who have spent a little more time indoors, out of the sun, in those cooler months.

Why do we love Fall so much?  If you live in the North, the bold Reds, Yellows, Browns, Greens, Oranges are the reason we look forward to this beautiful season.  Those who live in a more tropical setting may not get to see the breathtaking foliage every year...but they can wear it!



The color of the season.  This pale Pink hue is so feminine and looks great on Summer tan or Winter skin. Check out our selection of Rose Pink swimsuits and Resortwear.