Beach essentials are basic items that suit your beach needs.  However, just because these items are basic, doesn't mean they have to be boring!  If you've been to the beach a few Summers in a row, chances are you already have a little black bikini.  Bathing suits are like clothes, once you have the basics it's time to add some fun pieces into the mix.   1.  Bikinis come in a large range of colors.  Stop buying a new black bikini every single Summer.  Pick a bikini this season that's got a pop of color, like this L Space Fringe Bikini in blue iris.  It doesn't have to be a bold color to be colorful. 2.  For many years when I went to the beach I would bring a canvas bag with me.  At the end of every Summer the bag would get so dirty and stained that I would have to throw it away.  Upgrading my beach bag to one that was actually meant for the beach was one of the best things I ever did.  This Ondade Mar beach bag has a nylon shell that's stain and fade resistant. 3.  I treat going to the beach as a special occasion, between  work and family the week gets pretty hectic.  So like any special occasion {especially one that involves naps and delicious food} I like to put my best foot forward.  Adding a metallic accent in way of footwear is a great way to style up your beach outfit.  These sandals from Vix not only have metallic straps but I also love the stripes underneath.