Bride to Beach -

We at South Beach Swimsuits know that a tropical honeymoon vacation is something that many women, not just our customers dream about. We don’t want you to spend months searching for the perfect post-wedding swimsuit, so we’ve taken it upon ourselves to put some of our best bridal swimsuits together for you beauties; swimsuits that are sure to remind your partner of why they married you in the first place. We hope these choices make you even more excited for your upcoming nuptials than you already are.

1.       Our Blue Life White Sands Eclipse One Piece has a plunging V-neck, which shows of the girls in the best way. It has a criss-cross back and minimal coverage in the back to bare your best assets. It also has a filigree lace design on the front that just adds to the beauty of this already flawless swimsuit. Your partner won’t be able to focus with you wearing this swimsuit.

2.      The Lady Lux Tribal Temptation Monokini is sure to bring out the animal in you and your spouse on your honeymoon. This beautiful monokini is low rise and features some shirring just above the buttocks, for added sexiness. It has gold embellishments on the straps and how can we forget to mention that plunge in the front.


3.        The Beach Bunny Jewel of The Night Bikini screams luxury and is perfect for those brides who want to look fabulous without even trying. This amazing swimsuit is versatile in that the top can slide wider or thinner depending on the amount of coverage you want. The bottom is shirred which gives off that sexy Brazilian vibe, and they both feature gold accents on the straps.

4.       Our Vitamin A White Celeste Maillot Swimsuit is for those brides who don’t like showing too much skin, or those who have some areas that they would like to hide. It has two mesh panels going down the front which elongates the body for a leaner look. It shows a little cleavage and ties at the neck. The back has the same vertical mesh panels and has a full coverage bottom.

5.       The Maryan Melhorn Catenia Swimsuit is one of the most lux swimsuits featured in this bridal post. It doesn’t scream bridal, and that’s great for those who love wearing their favorite swimsuits as often as they can. This one piece has a tiny plunge in the front, allowing a peek of cleavage. It also has a tiny white tassel with some gold hardware that catches the eye and the light.

6.        The Beach Bunny Rib Tide Bikini is perfect for our ladies who plan on marrying a sailor or someone in the Navy. It celebrates your recent spouse’s occupation and your body. It laces up just where the cleavage is and at the sides of the bikini bottom. It has a beautiful design in the back, both on the top and the bottom. This bikini should be renamed ‘stop and stare’ because that’s exactly what will happen when you put it on.

  7. The Blue Life White Magnolia Bikini is perfect for those ladies who don’t mind showing a bit or a lot of skin for that matter. This bikini is so sexy that it could double as your wedding night lingerie. It features nude mesh and floral embroidery. It’s low rise and has some of that sexy ruching down the center of the bikini bottom. It’s a hard bikini not to love.

8.        The  Becca Meshed Up White Tankini is great for those who want some coverage around the midsection while still showing a little skin. The mesh detail gives you an hourglass figure. If you’d like to show off a bit more skin, the zipper down the front of the top can go down for a glimpse of more cleavage.

9. This PHAX Baion White Swimsuit is gorgeous! It's  all white body is such a pure white that its simplicity doesn’t matter. It has a charmed neckline that screams money (it’s on sale right now). It looks expensive, it’s beautiful, it gives off that bridal feel, and it’s extremely comfortable to wear. We don’t know what more a bride would want.

10.        We have left the sexiest for the last. Seriously, we do not recommend wearing this is a public area- we don’t want your spouse to knock someone out for staring too hard. The Sauvage White Crystal Triangle Top and Bottom was made to be worn for your partner. The back of the thong has rhinestone details that demand attention from everyone on the beach. If you plan on an exciting hot honeymoon, we would recommend this bikini.