Elle Macpherson was shown this month in People Magazine in a Vitamin A white bikini.  This was Elle's first bikini shoot in about 6 years!  The gorgeous model is now 47 years old! You can get the look from Vitamin A Swimwear at South Beach Swimsuits. Vitamin A is designed by Amahlia Stevens based out of California.  Much like the California lifestyle, Vitamin A Swimwear offers a laid back beach vibe with a touch of luxury.   The bikinis are not only sexy but are specially designed to stay in place, no matter how big the waves are.  The swimwear brand also uses a special blend of Italian tricot that dries quicker than most other swimwear brands.  This becomes important when you find yourself going to the beach, then hopping in your car or sitting at a restaurant, no one looks cute with a wet bikini butt.  A while back I researched the Vitamin A brand, you can read all about the inside scoop at this Vitamin A blog post.