Embracing Your Curves

Having curves in a world where you can never be skinny enough can be challenging. Though things have started to change in recent years with the rise of plus-sized models, women are still unfairly scrutinized for their looks. All women face this problem, but it’s the curvy ones who don’t fit the beauty norm.

Whether you love your curves or want to hide them is beside the point because you are beautiful just the way you are! However, it can be hard to come to that realization, especially during the summer when everyone walks the streets in shorts, skirts, and mini dresses. It gets even more complicated when you have to take most of your clothes off at the beach.


We here at South Beach Swimsuits are no strangers to curves. We think curves are beautiful, and we want you to ooze confidence when you finally go on that well-deserved vacation this summer.

What to do first to achieve your goal is choosing the right swimsuit, the one that will truly draw attention to your beauty (and hide a few flaws). Luckily, there are so many options to choose from nowadays that you no longer have to dread the idea of going swimsuits shopping. Those times when all you could buy were boring one-piece swimsuits or skimpy bikinis are long gone.

South Beach Swimsuits’ full figure collection is aimed at enabling curvy women to look and feel like a million bucks on the beach. We’re not talking just the designs or patterns here; these swimsuits are made with the highest quality and durability. They are perfect for both women who like to relax on the beach and for those who are more adventure-oriented on their holiday.

Most of our full figure swimsuits offer full bottom coverage, chest support, and even removable/adjustable straps.  We also carry skirted bottoms, which not only cover some critical areas but also put an emphasis on your curvy figure.

If you are not comfortable in a one piece, but still desire a little more coverage, consider going with the super trendy tankinis. Why are tankinis so popular?   They put an unusual twist on classical swimsuits. They are extremely flattering for all body types and are by far the most comfortable versatile swimsuit made.   Wear the top alone with shorts or jeans.  The bottoms, easy down for when you gotta go.   No need to struggle with the removal of a one piece wet swimsuit.

Swimsuit shopping should be fun! With that philosophy in mind, don’t be afraid to experiment with styles, patterns, and colors. A black swimsuit is always an excellent choice, but maybe it’s time you wore a swimsuit with bright colors and a splashy print that will highlight your body in the best possible way.