Summer is a hop, skip and splash away!  

Time to spruce up that Summer wardrobe with festive styles.  

Summer seems to bring out the Patriot in all of us.  Red, White, and Blue come to mind when we think of Summer holidays.  With Memorial Day and Independence Day, and Labor Day in the very near future, there are plenty of opportunities to show off your patriotic side.  And since you will most likely be spending your weekends poolside, we have plenty of swimwear and resort wear options to add to your wardrobe, not to mention, some super fun pool accessories to add the finishing touch.



Nautical Stripes  

Always a classic, stripes are here to stay. Who would've thought that these horizontal lines could become the signature style for endless decades?  With the ever-changing fashion industry, you can always count on the stripe to find it's way into our Spring and Summer wardrobe.


The Vitamin A Sapphire Beach Stripe Collection is Nautical perfection. Shop this collection


Splendid Swim's Chambray collection is preppy with a touch of trendy featuring the latest silhouettes that have taken over the swimwear fashion world. 


Shoulders are the new cleavage!  Our favorite 80's fashion craze is back and we are so happy!  You can't escape the off-the-shoulder style right now.  Pair sexy decolletagé with nautical stripes and you have you new Summer staple.


Pool Accessories


Time to get your party on...

If you are going for a theme, might as well go all out!  Get festive with stars and stripes and all things summer.  These adorable American Flag cup holders come in a pack of three and will come in very handy when you don't want to get out of the pool to grab a sip of your cocktail.  How cute are these? 

Of course, we must coordinate...




These insanely adorable floating cupholders are

meant to be floating next to you while perched on

 this comfy Flag Float.  Too much?  Absolutely not!