Fitness Tips For That Perfect Summer Body

Summer is here and surely you want to make the most of it. But what do you do when your summer dresses and flattering swimwear is out of the closet, but the calories consumed over the holidays are still making their presence known in the most unflattering ways on your body. You begin to act, and you make it quick. 
It is still not too late to adopt some simple but great fitness ideas into your daily life, and in the bargain, not lose an opportunity to enjoy a great summer. Or, if you want to move only towards a healthier lifestyle, these tips are for you too.

Adopt One Form of Exercise

It is said enough, but let us reinforce it. The best way to peel off that extra fat, or simply get fitter and stronger, is through exercise. Choose any routine that works for you – make the best use of summer deals on a new gym membership, sign up for a Zumba class, go swimming in that stylish swimwear you just bought for the summer or try the classic and inexpensive brisk walk-run-jog method. The results, for any amount of time that you invest in a workout, will be there for you and the world to see.

Liquid Cleanse


Nourishing your body with water and organic fruit juices (not sweetened and loaded with preservatives) works in multiple ways during summer.  Not only does it keep you hydrated in the summer heat, but it also helps in cutting down your calorie intake by keeping you full, hence making you eat less. It also nourishes your body with nutrients and improves your digestion, thereby helping with your metabolism. Drink lots of water and press juice from real fruits for a leaner and cleaner you.

East Before Sunset

A trick being widely applied with great success is to finish your meal before the sun goes down. It is advisable to make your breakfast and lunch the heaviest meals of the day and keep the dinner exceptionally light. Calories consumed when the day is just starting will burn off during the activities that you perform though-out day. On the other hand, while the body rests at night, the calories consumed in dinner will accumulate in the body as they will not be burned.

Sleep Well

Sleeping is essential to the regulation of your metabolism, which in turn affects your weight. Catch your eight hours of sleep each night, dream about your bikini body if you so please, wake up at an appropriate time and help your body align with its natural rhythm. Early to bed, early to rise, makes a lady healthy and that’s no surprise. Indeed.

Substitute Carbohydrates with Protein 

This is not as difficult as it sounds. Sure, you love your bagels and your fries, but they aren’t helping you achieve your perfect summer body. There are plenty of yummy high-on-protein foods that will make sure you won’t miss your white bread. Chicken breast, lean beef, egg whites, turkey breast, legumes, all kinds of fish, milk and almonds. Unlike carbs, these are low in fat and the sudden shift can result in quick weight loss.

Taking simple steps can go a long way towards a fitter you. All that summer fun is just a few steps away!

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