Time and time again, we go on quests for swimwear that will turn our jiggly parts into slim elegant parts.  Often we find ourselves disappointed, "Why didn't I start working out a month earlier?" or "Why did I eat cheesecake so late at night?!".  Well I'm here to help you.  Your body, nor mine is going to be magically changed the night before we first hit the beach.  The best thing to do is to find a brand and swimwear style that gives you the lift and tuck you need {without the surgery!}.  Check out my top 3 favorites. 1.  Gottex Gottex is an amazing brand and this style called "mikado"  will suck and hold you in ways you never thought possible.  Add to the fact that just because you want a flattering swimsuit doesn't mean you want a black swimsuit.  This season the mikado comes in gorgeous rich tones, like this aqua.      

2.  Spanx

Spanx is a brand that's known for their slimming garments.  Luckily for all of us, Spanx has come out with their own line of swimwear.  This under-wire one piece swimsuit is the perfect swimsuit to lift you up and hold you in.  A gorgeous style for anyone who needs some added bust support.

3.  Charmline If you love swimsuits that are bold and bright but still need something slimming, check out the Charmline brand.  This ikat pink swimsuit not only offers lots of slimming construction inside but as a gorgeous and colorful print on the outside.