Girls Vacay! What Should I Wear?

So you have an upcoming girls’ trip to a fantastic tropical island with some of your best friends in the entire world. You’re all set except for your wardrobe. What should you wear to breakfast, to go to the pool, to dinner, on a night out? We at South Beach Swimsuits have you covered. We’ve thought of every possible situation that may occur and have chosen a few of our pieces to help guide you. So sit back, get ready to scroll down and hopefully buy some of our pieces from this Girls’ Holiday Lookbook.




1.     Arriving at the hotel/villa. What we do know is that it’ll probably be a bit hot and that you’ll need something airy but cute at the same time. This is why we’ve chosen the Vitamin A Eco Linen Black Solana Romper. From the time you put it on, the vacation fever is bound to hit you.


2.      Hitting the pool. So one of your main goals while on vacation is to get your tan on, but look great while doing it. The PilyQ Pina Colada Embroidered Triangle Bikini is perfect for doing that. The straps at the side can be undone to prevent tan lines. Plus it has the perfect name! Who doesn’t like a pina colada? 

3.      Night on the town. So it’s your first night out with the girls. You’re not sure what you’re going to do yet, but you know it’ll be a blast. You want to be comfortable yet sexy. Is that even possible? Well, anything is possible at South Beach Swimsuits. Meet the L Space Zanzibar Wide Leg Romper. This backless number will keep you cool but oh-so-hot at the same time.



4.      Breakfast. Your wild night is over, but you don’t want to get off your bed. You finally pick yourself up and would like nothing more than to get some coffee and maybe a croissant. You won’t be too fussy about looking fabulous, but you are. That’s why we’ve chosen a pretty little tunic that you can just throw over your head and be done with it. It’s called the PilyQ Stardust Paradise Tunic.


5.      Beach time! This is something that you don’t get to do every day, so you plan on soaking up as much of the sand and sea as you possibly can. The Vitamin A Olivia Bralette Top and Vitamin A Helen Hipster Bottom are reminiscent of the different colors of the ocean and will keep reminding you of your wonderful trip long after it has passed. 


6.      Workout session. Being on vacation can bring on the urge to eat more food or eat less healthily than you do when you’re back home. Surely your hotel or villa has a gym or if not you can improvise by doing some laps on the beach. The Anne Cole Locker Sports Bra and Short Yoga Pants will serve that purpose just fine. Your peers will know you are serious when you jog by.

7.      Dinner with the ladies. It’s your last night out of what has so far been the best vacation ever. You are your girls have decided to go to an island restaurant to get your food, drink and party on. You want something elegant and sexy that’ll allow you to move when you’re on the dance floor later. Meet the L Space Wonderwall Cutout Maxi Dress


8      The Last Breakfast. The last day is here.  The weekend flew by so quickly. You’re determined to enjoy the last bit of the island and the best way to do that is to start with some breakfast. The Profile by Gottex Fuji Bandeau Top, Banded Bottom and Chiffon Pants are perfect because it looks great. Not only that, you can catch a quick tan right after breakfast, in your bikini because time is of the essence. Chop, chop girl! 

9.      Bye Bye Island. Your vacation is over already, and you’re extremely. You had the best time and can’t wait to come back. In fact, you’re still in vacation mode, so why not leave the island looking like you just came from a vacation? The Red Carter Renaissance Jumper is cute, yet functional and just screams vacation.