Why are South Beach Swimsuits Worth It?

South Beach Swimsuits carries swimwear designed by the best designers and design houses using only the best quality fabrics.

The Fit

Because you wear your swimsuit in public, be careful you choose a swimsuit that reveals only the right spots and is above all comfortable. The fit is everything in a bikini.  The last thing you want to do at the beach is continually adjust the top or bottom or heavens forbid, lose part of it in the ocean.  I recommend purchasing two sizes.   Order the size you wear every day and also the next size up.   My experience shows the swimsuit companies have their different idea of sizing which is nothing but small.

The Fabrics

Because of the stretchability and forgiveness of Lycra and Spandex, these materials make up the majority of swimwear.  These fabrics are expensive, thus the reason the cost of such a small item.    A unique sewing machine is used to sew these garments to guarantee stability throughout the manufacturing process and beyond.

Many swimsuits have what is called a placement print.   A placement print is a design strategically placed on the swimsuit for symmetry and artistic value.   More than likely you won't find placement prints on mass produced swimwear.


Quality swimwear, when cared for properly,  will last for many seasons. Most swimwear is constructed to withstand the adverse effects of the sand, the sun. However, very few swimsuits are made to withstand pool or hot-tub chlorine.  My suggestion, read the label before jumping in and follow the care instructions.  If you are an avid swimmer and spend a lot of time in a pool, look for a "chlorine resistant" bathing suit.  If you plan on diving, surfing or exercises, again make sure to purchase a swimsuit designed specifically to handle the elements of the sea, the thundering waves,  and elasticity of exercise.

When you look at the durability of a suit, you will find that it doesn't only depend on the fabric. Rather, it also relies on the underwires, hardware, padding, and other details. High-quality swimsuits are crafted using superior materials so they can be resilient and last for years.

Caring for Your Swimsuits

Always remember to keep sunscreen and tanning oil off your swimwear. Many lotions have products in them to help enhance your tan which can permanently stain and damage your suit.

Lounging by the pool?   Remember that ruff pool side surface will pull your bottom, damage the fibers and leave those unsightly nubs on your bottom.   So grab a towel and have a seat. 

When you’re done swimming, again follow care instructions and get that salt or chlorine water out of the suit.

When drying your washed swimsuit maybe try drying it in the shade.

Every time you purchase South Beach Swimsuits, you’re given specific instructions on how to take care of them to maintain their high-quality and perfect fit. Follow these instructions.  

Whatever swimsuit style you choose, you can be sure that South Beach Swimsuits can offer you a fashionable swimwear line.   Make a statement today with the color and style you want.