Put Your Best Foot Forward This Summer


Summer is the season of sun, sand, sea, and unfortunately - sweaty feet! But don’t fret! There is plenty you can do to ease the summer woes and still keep your fashion game strong. Footwear is an essential component of fashion and changes with every season – summer is no different! An important thing to remember when choosing summer footwear is to opt for the open-toed variety. Not only does an open-toe shoe let your feet breathe, thus minimizing sweat, but it also helps to regulate your body temperature. You don’t want to feel stuffy when the temperature outside is already high.

Throw your ankle and knee length boots along with your sneakers and high heels back into the closet, because summer is the time to bring out what’s fun, carefree and comfortable. Flats, flip flops, sandals and gladiators are what you ought to be wearing in this cheery season.

Sandals pretty much never go out of style. Sure, they may be on the backburner sometimes, but never completely out.  They are easy to slip into, breathable and very trendy. Plus there are plenty of styles to choose from. Which shoe is the easiest to take off, when you are walking by the beach and feel the sudden urge to run into the sea? Yes, that’s right. Sandals. And hey, with its open make, you don’t have to worry much about the sand getting stuck in your shoe either. Win win!

Why Flip flops?

Flip flops are synonymous with summer. These comfy slip-ons come in quirky and cute shapes as well as fun and bright colours, which make them all the more summer-friendly. Flip flops are perfect for a casual stroll by the beach wearing your everyday denim shorts, and they are just as ideal to wear with your favourite summery sundress as you sip on a cocktail at an afternoon brunch. Don’t worry about looking too casual; flip flops are haute even with swimwear!

Why Gladiators?

Ah, the gladiators! This trendy but historical footwear traces it’s history back to the Roman Empire, but is back with a bang in the fashion world of late. The gladiators made their way into every shoe-loving girl's closet a few years ago, but the trend surely shows no signs of fading. These are again a great open-toed option for the summer-heat filled days. Gladiators also look incredibly sexy and can be worn with anything short that will show off those toned legs, that includes any beachwear.

Having said that, it is also critical to take care of your feet during summer. Having a great pair of shoes makes sense when you have equally clean-looking feet.

  • Do not forget to get your regular pedicure. Summer and open-toed shoes are going to expose your feet. Keep them beautiful. Exfoliate away!
  • Paint those nails! Summer is the time to try some of the trending colours in polish.  Neon is very in! Remember, nail colour is a great accessory to footwear.

Summer is just starting, and now that you know how to make the most of it, it’s time to get fashionably summer-ready!