The Perfect Gift For A Man

Watches and cologne are passé. If you are planning a gift for a special man in your life, why not try something different? Gift him beach wear!

Here is a pro tip: Men like thoughtful gifts, and it is not so much about how much you spend or don't spend, but the thought that went into it is what counts. Ladies, we know that you love summer, but men love it too. So why not show your appreciation for that special man in your life by gifting him something he will like this hot season. Now that man may be your partner, dad, brother or just your best-bud – but we are sure he is going to be really happy when he knows how much you care about him.

We picked this Sunman Multi-Color Reversible Bermuda Swim Trunks out for you as an ideal gift pick in case you can’t decide what to gift him.


Ladies, we know you have your favorite bikini ready, and all your beach accessories packed up. But perhaps you are short on company? Guess what? Gift him a great looking pair of swim shorts and he will not be reluctant to take that beach vacation with you!  And won’t you both just look great in the fashion-forward swimwear handpicked by you? We have a great collection of swimwear for both, you, as well as your individual man. Win-win!

Our great collection of swim shorts and swim trunks provide comfort, utility, and durability. Hence, gifting him from one of our collections will let him know that you care about his comfort and want him to have a great time!

Try the beachy-printed Sunflair Men's Printed Shorts perfect for your beach vacation with him!


If you are a man reading this, beware, because the shopping bug may just bite you. Oh, we are sure it will regardless of your gender because we have a whole lot of variety of prints in men’s swim shorts and trunks to choose from. Plaid, stripes, multi-stripes, printed and mono color – you will be spoilt for choice.

And boy! We are sure you will look just about as sexy as our model in these Sunflair Men's SunMan Red Plaid Swim Shorts.

Our shorts are great for your surfing needs. Swim shorts provide for quick drying and excellent coverage. So you don’t have to worry about a thing while having a great time in the waters – swimming, surfing or even snorkeling! Choose from our lovely prints to look like a Greek god on the beach!

That’s not all; we know that sometimes you want to chill simply by the beach and be more of a sand person than a sea one. In which case, you might like to put on one of our comfortable and stylish cotton polos and head to the nearest beach bar for a pint of beer. We think our Boto Fitted Slub Cotton Polo in White will look great with any swim short or trunk that you choose.

So, whether you are gifting or buying it for yourself, believe you me, a good pair of swim shorts will not just bridge the summery love for the sea but will also anchor relationships when given as a thoughtful gift. Happy summer!