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Gottex Swimwear is South Beach Swimsuits' most popular swimwear line. Gottex swimsuits offer great shape and contour for the body and has tummy control. The fit of a Gottex bathing suit is absolutely amazing. Gottex swimwear has been a well known designer swimsuit company for so many years, the bathing suits radiate colors, support and an incredible understanding of a woman's body. The popular surplice swimsuit from Gottex offers a very flattering style. The criss-cross ruched fabric hides any imperfections and flaws and makes you feel more confident when you put on this swimsuit. The Gottex bandeau swimsuits always come with removable straps so you have the option to go strapless or apply straps for the extra support and comfort. The construction of a Gottex swimsuit consists of a special breathable panel that gives the body a tummy control so you can feel and look slimmer instantly! Gottex Mikados have always been so popular among other Gottex styles. These classic signature Gottex swimsuits have a textured material and comes in many different styles. 

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