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Peixoto™ stands for nostalgia and classic beauty. It is an ode to a time when women carried themselves in a way that captivated men in a subtle and delicate manner, leaving things up to the imagination. This sensual form of interaction is what Peixoto™ is all about. It seduces through mysterysophistication and elegance, without giving it all away at first glance.

It's all in the details. The fit. Sits low on the hips, accentuates the figure and provides comfort. The cut. A cross between the tiny style that reveals too much and the overly large brief that often conceals feminine beauty. *Now available, full coverage bottoms!The style. Sophisticated, elegant and classic with a modern touch.

The Creator. A Citizen of the World. Born in Colombia and raised abroad, Mauricio Esquenazi currently resides in Miami. His family ties, travels and extensive exposure to various cultures have defined his style and inspired him to launch his swimwear line. The sun and water are his creative starting points and have given way to fresh and delicate Peixoto™ designs. The name Peixoto™ originates from a play-on words between Mauricio's family name, and the Portuguese word peix, meaning "fish". The fusion of the word Peixoto™ which translates to "fisherman" in Portuguese, and Mauricio's family ties, is the inspiration for Peixoto's fashion aesthetics—it is a name that evokes elegance and sophistication, combined with the element of water, resulting in striking designs with tremendous sex appeal.