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Browse through are vast selection of nearly 100 swimsuit designers from around the world.   We are sure you will find the perfect one piece swimsuit to fit your needs.

A little history on the one piece swimsuit:

Annette Kellerman created quite the uproar in 1907, which led to her arrest. Her crime was to appear at Boston’s Revere Beach in a one-piece swimsuit that revealed her arms, legs!

The first annual ‘bathing suit day’ was held at Madison Square Garden on May 16, 1916 and shortly afterwards beauty contests became common where participants showed off their physique in a bathing suit.

In 1921 Jantzen Knitting Mills launched the first one-piece ‘elastic’ suit that immediately gained popularity with the Bathing Beauty Pageant that was held in Atlantic City.   Believe it not, for the next 15 years, wool knit swimsuits were worn by both men and women.  Thank goodness the knitted woold swimsuit was eased into history in the mid 1930s when a California swimsuit designer began to fashion swimwear from Lastex, a wonven satin finish elastic and silk material first used to manufacture girdles.

In 1920 they covered the wearer from the neck to almost the knees, but as time went on, the swimsuit got smaller and smaller.  

Here we are today.  We've come a long way baby!